Photo Fun in Photo Space

A friend of mine, Emily, is a yoga instructor.   I’m helping her get some images for her Instagram account and she’s helping me get the studio set up.

This was the first shoot.  The light in the upstairs studio is simply amazing.  When Omar first showed Ed and I the space I knew we wanted it.  It has not disappointed.

Here are some images from the 2nd session

She also allowed me to test a special defocus control lens from Nikon, the 105mm/f2 DF.

Richard’s Toolpass Install at CIC/Boston

Thanks to CHS member, DC Denison, laying the groundwork with CIC and District Hall, Richard’s Toolpass is going out in the wild.  The above video shows him installing it at the CIC Cafe at 50 Milk Street in Boston.

Everyone in the maker space in New England works together!

DC, Richard and Ed have represented CHS at a few events at CIC and District Hall.

If you are reading this, and have any interest in making things, there are many places and events throughout the city to get you started.  Everyone is welcome!  No project or idea is too small or too crazy!  Indeed, some people don’t view themselves as makers at all, they just want to build bookshelves for their bedroom closet.

All are welcome!

And next time you’re at the CIC Cafe in Boston, check out Richard’s Toolpass next to their laser cutter.

Laser Cutter Used To Create Wood Carving Templates

We used the laser cutter to create templates out of 1/8-inch MDF which can be used to pencil in cut lines for wood carving. The templates can be used over and over and help the woodworker visualize what they’re doing.

Mark used Adobe Illustrator to create the templates.  Like Inkscape, we ran into some teething pains getting RDWorks to read the dimensions we wanted.  We did this by setting the scale in AI to MM, before saving as DXF.

AI doesn’t have a native single-stroke font (Inkscape does!).  So Mark just drew letters by hand and used them to etch each spoon for identification.

Yinette Guzman Art Show

Yinette used the laser cutter at the Cambridge Hackspace to make her delicate art of roses.  Here she is standing with her father and one of her works of art.  Her art is currently on display at the Somerville Library.

She had a great turnout!

Thank you Yinette for showing the beautiful possibilities of what the laser cutter can do!

Meetup Night 7/31/18

Busy night at the hackspace!

The joint was jumping

We’re still waiting for people to discover our new photo/video/digital arts studio on the 2nd floor.  Ed and DC discuss events we can do with the equipment, like the Bogen Light Modulator.

Ed and DC talking in photo/video studio