Particle Photon Workshop at Cambridge Hackspace

Cambridge Hackspace hosted a lively 3-hour workshop on the Particle Photon, and the response was so enthusiastic we’re planning more Particle Workshops in the future, at different levels.

Instructor Robert Vinci hoisted a projector on top of a tall shelf and guided the class through his 42-page syllabus. Each workshop participant also received a Particle Photon kit.

particle photon kit
A Particle Photon kit.

Here’s a video of Robert coaxing every workshop participant towards peak Particle.

Udita Still Making on West Coast

Months ago, at the Cambridge Hackspace, Udita made custom-fit shelving for her apartment.  There must be some “Murphy’s” law for making shelving for a closet, because next thing we know she’s taking a job on the West Coast.  She generously donated her tools to the CHS.  THANK YOU UDITA!!!  Here they are pictured

And here is the latest project she did on the West Coast.  She says she misses us and I hope that new project trips “Murphy’s” law again and brings her back!  Her tools will be waiting!


Mankoti E180 3D Printer Tuning

Last night Kurt tried out the Mankoti e180 3d printer.  This was from his email:

I grabbed the prints this morning. The raft for that print really squeezed through the print bed so it took some time and effort getting it off print bed.  you notice that hole on the bed needs to be cleaned out. I couldn’t find a heat gun to help with that. hum… now that I think of it, I probably could have warmed up the bed again to help get the print off the bed.
Attached are a couple of images of the pieces,  you’ll notice that print lifted off the raft on one side it does seem to have affected the print I think it happened late enough in print that it didn’t cause a problem.  the other little glitch is the shafts all have a slight offset in the, not sure what going on there.  Also, the supports are difficult to remove, next time I would reduce the density of the supports if I used ABS.
overall I think the prints turned out well, minus the little offset on the post.
I’m learning a lot about the printer which I hope to post about soon.  Bruce, Steve and Ed have given lots of useful advice.   My goal is to have a, more or less, plug-n-play 3d printer that any hackspace member can rely on.